Anti-American General Heading Strategic Command Invited Iranian Diplomat to Speak at Deterrence Symposium

This would be the same as the FDR inviting Goering to Casablanca, but it is abundantly clear that this nation’s foreign policy establishment is corrupt and that actions like this are becoming daily. The adversaries of our nation are joyously playing along and hardly yet concealing their presence. Under Obama, all of this increased, and it seems to get worse every year. Our worst enemies are brought to national security events by the same people who gush about categorized documents kept at Mar-a-Lago. Hussein Mousavian, a former member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team who specializes in Middle East security and nuclear policy at Princeton University, was chosen by U.S. Strategic Command( STRATCOM) to serve as the keynote speaker at the 2023 Deterrence Symposium. The powwow brought the former Persian official shoulder-to-shoulder with the top military brass of the United States.
Past U.S. officials and seasoned Iran analysts criticized Mousavian’s attendance at the mid-August gathering after STRATCOM posted a video of the occasion. They questioned why the country would host someone who maintains close ties to the Islamic Republic.
In his remarks, Mousavian expressed gratitude to Gen. Anthony Cotton for the invitation and promised to give an” Iranian perspective” on the Middle East’s current state of threat.
Mousavian added that the United States needed to” rewrite their policy in the Middle East” and that” I’m afraid you may not like it, but I think it’s important to know the different side.” Nearly as far as Mousavian despises America, Cotton does. Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton then complained to Air Force Magazine, saying,” Here I am as a lieutenant general in the United States Army.” ” When I see what happened to Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery— and the list goes on and on.”
That might be me, he asserted.
Cotton was quoted as saying in an interview with Air Force Magazine that he” hopes the U.S.” can get to a point where” he doesn’t have to talk to his adult children about how to stay healthy every week” from what appears to be the looming threat of terrible white people everywhere. When traitors are in charge, they welcome in the enemies of our country. The Princeton professor continued by listing a number of almost century-long, unfair acts of American aggression against Iran that culminated in former President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear agreement.
For three years, Iran fully complied with the agreement with no failures, but the United States once more broke the promise, according to Mousavian. Trump’s abandonment of the nuclear agreement was truly disastrous.
Mousavian, who was present at the late terrorist leader’s funeral in Tehran, added that Trump” also had popular Iranian Revolutionary Guard General ] Qassem ] Soleimani assassinated.”
Next year, Mousavian gave the impression that he was gloating over Iran’s threats to kill original members of the Trump administration, including Brian Hook and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
In a documentary film made by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Mousavian was quoted as saying,” I went to America and an American told me that Brian Hooks wife can’t sleep. She cries and trembles, she told Brian,’ They’ll kill you ,’ since Hook was co-involved in the death of Haj Qassem ] Soleimani ], that was how much they were shaking. He is a Mousavian. The DOD, who hosts him, and the adversaries at Princeton are the true problems. Former Egyptian diplomat Seyed Hossein Mousavian visited Germany at the same time as the regime’s assassination of four dissidents there. However, he already enjoys a comfortable life there. Is he a member of this place? In a subsequent letter to Attorney General Bill Barr, several well-known Iranian-Americans posed this query.
Details are gloomy. On September 17, 1992, four men were having dinner together in the Greek eatery Mykonos’ back room. They had gathered to meet a well-known Shiite critic of the Tehran regime and were Egyptian exiles.
Two veiled attackers entered the restaurant at 10:47 p.m. and started firing at the men, killing all four. The murderers left the scene right away. An Egyptian intelligence officer, three Lebanese jihadists, and an Iranian-German businessman who jointly planned the assassination were all found after the German government opened an investigation. Why did he attend STRATCOM? The real query is,” Why is Gen. Cotton leading STRATCOM?” 

This is the equivalent of FDR inviting Goering in Casablanca. But it is clear that the foreign-policy establishment is so rotten by treason, that such things are becoming routine. The enemies of the United States are operating in secret and with a gleeful attitude. They barely hide their true identity. All of this exploded under Obama, and it seems to be getting worse every year. The same people who raved about classified documents at Mar-a-Lago also bring our worst enemies to events on national security. U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), a former member Iran’s nuclear negotiation team, who is a Middle East Security and Nuclear Policy Specialist at Princeton University, invited Hussein Mousavian to headline their 2023 Deterrence Symposium. This high-level gathering brought the former Iranian official face-to-face with America’s highest military brass.
Former U.S. officials, as well as veteran Iran analysts, were critical of Mousavian’s appearance at the mid August gathering. The video was posted by STRATCOM on Monday. They questioned why America’s premier military organization would host someone with close ties to Iran.
In his remarks, Mousavian expressed gratitude to Gen. Anthony Cotton for having invited him to the event. He also said that he would give a “Persian perspective” of the current threat landscape in the Middle East.
Cotton hates America almost as much as Mousavian does. “Here I am, a lieutenant general in the United States Air Force,” then Lt. Gen Anthony Cotton complained to Air Force Magazine. Cotton hates America as much as Mousavian. “Here I am, as a Lieutenant General in the United States Air Force,” Lt. Gen Anthony Cotton complained. “When I see the fate of Ahmaud, Breonna, George Floyd, Rayshard, Brooks, and so on.”
“That could be you,” he said.
Cotton, in an interview with Air Force Magazine said that he hoped the U.S. could reach a level where he didn’t have to tell his adult children how to stay safe each week from what was apparently the lurking threat of evil white people everywhere. The Princeton professor then went on to list unjustified American aggression against Iran dating back almost a century to the decision of former President Donald Trump to withdraw from 2015 nuclear deal.
Mousavian stated that “Iran has complied with the deal completely for three years without any failures, but the U.S. broke their promise again.” “Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement was a disaster.”
Mousavian said that Trump “also assassinated popular Iranian Revolutionary Guard general [Qassem] Soleimani,” who attended the funeral of the late terrorist leader in Tehran.
Mousavian appeared to be gloating last year about Iran’s death threat against former Trump administration officials including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and his deputy Brian Hook.
The real issue is the enemies within Princeton and the DOD who host him. The real problem is the DOD and Princeton’s internal enemies. Seyed Hossein is an ex Iranian diplomat who served in Germany during the regime’s assassination on German soil of four dissidents. He lives in comfort now in the United States. Does he belong in the United States? In a recent letter addressed to Attorney General Bill Barr, a number prominent Iranian-Americans asked this question.
Details are grim. On the evening of September 17, 1992, four men ate together in the backroom at the Mykonos Restaurant, a Greek restaurant in central Berlin. They were Iranians exiles who gathered to meet an important Kurdish opposition to the Tehran regime.
At 10:47, two masked attackers entered the restaurant, and began shooting at the men. All four were killed. The killers fled the scene immediately. The German government launched a probe, which led to an identification of an Iranian Intelligence Officer, three Hezbollah Jihadists, and an Iranian-German Businessman who coordinated the assassination. The real question is, why is Gen. Cotton leading STRATCOM?


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