“The City of Chicago Cannot Go On Welcoming New Arrivals”

It’s authorized. The sanctuary city is all” sanctuaried” out, according to Chicago’s woken racist mayor. Mayor Brandon Johnson stated,” Let me state this clearly: Without important support and immigration policy changes, the city of Chicago cannot continue to welcome new arrivals carefully and competently.” Chicago is now included in the list of completed shelter cities. Chicago and Illinois assert that they spent$ 250 million trying to stop the illegal alien invasion. ( However, if Chiraq upholds its long history of resource reallocation, much of that money might have ended up on casino tables and private bank accounts. ) Because 50 illegal aliens are arriving by bus every day, Chiraq claims it can’t handle the situation. Now consider the scenario where Chicago is basically close to the border. However, it is anticipated that those regions of Texas and Arizona will take it. Along with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Chicago’s mayor is now sobbing that he can’t take it. Since the beginning of July, Chicago officials claimed, the city has welcomed a bus full of immigrants almost daily.
Since last August, more than 12,000 people — mostly from Central and South America — have arrived in the city.
Despite efforts to move them into shelters, hundreds of immigrant men, women, and children continue to sleep on the floors of police stations.
The deputy mayor of immigration, migrant, and refugee rights in Chicago, Beatriz Ponce de León, stated that” the time is now.” ” We are diligently working across the city to expand our shelters, first and foremost looking at our city-owned properties and then even creating new opportunities.” The police stations are a momentary location, as we are aware.
The difficulties are truly overwhelming, according to Ponce de León. This is a situation of humanitarian crisis. We have no influence over the buses. People are coming to Chicago, and we are a welcoming city. Therefore, we are making every effort to welcome our new neighbors, treat them with respect, assist them, and put them in a position to settle in the city. New York City isn’t actually trying to act as though it is welcoming the invaders. D. C. has declared an emergency and is at capacity. Likewise did Massachusetts. Governor of Massachusetts Tuesday, Maureen Healey issued a state of emergency, citing an influx of migrants looking for shelter as the cost of housing — which is already in short supply — continues to rise.
Almost 5,600 families, or more than 20,000 people, including infants, younger children, and expectant mothers, are now housed in state shelters. Some of these people are migrants. According to Healey, this is an increase of about 80 % from the roughly 3, 100 families a year ago.
Some migrants are traveling from different states by plane. She claimed that in the last 48 hours only, 50 immigrant families have arrived in state in need of shelter.
She remarked,” It’s exponentially more than our state has ever provided for our emergency assistance program.” How many more invaders must there be before the sanctuary cities formally decide that perhaps the nation should have some borders upon both? 

It’s official. Chicago’s woke, racist mayor has declared that the sanctuary city has been’sanctuaried out’. “Let me make this clear: The City of Chicago cannot continue to welcome new arrivals in a safe and competent manner without significant support and immigration policies changes,” Mayor Brandon Johnson stated. Illinois and Chicago claim that they have spent $250,000,000 to deal with the illegal alien invasion. If Chiraq is true to its rich tradition of resource reallocation, much of this money may have ended in private bank account and on casino tables. )Chiraq claims that it cannot cope with the 50 illegal aliens who arrive by bus each day. Imagine if Chicago was actually located near the border. But parts of Texas and Arizona will be expected to take the load.Chicago Mayor Eric Adams is also crying about not being able to take the load.
Since August last year, more than 12,000 people, mostly from Central America and South America, have arrived in the city.
Despite efforts to get them into shelters, hundreds of migrants, including women, men and children, continue to sleep in police stations.
Beatriz Ponce De Leon, Chicago’s Deputy Mayor for Immigrant, Migrant and Refugee Rights, said, “The timeline is now.” “We are working hard across the city to expand shelters. We look first at our city-owned property and then create new opportunities. We know that police stations are temporary places.
Ponce de Leon stated that the challenges were “really enormous”. “This is a human crisis. We have no control of the buses. We’re a welcoming, friendly city. We are doing everything we can to welcome our new neighbors and treat them with dignity. We also want to help them to settle in the city. D.C. has declared an emergency because it is at capacity. So did Massachusets.Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey, Massachusetts Governor, declared a state-of-emergency on Tuesday. She cited an influx migrants seeking shelter in a time of rising housing costs.
Nearly 5,600 families, or more than 20,000 individuals, many of them migrants, are currently living in shelters run by the state. This includes infants, young kids and pregnant women. Healey said that this is an increase of around 80% from the 3,100 families who lived in state shelters a year earlier.
Many of the migrants arrive by plane from another state. She said that 50 migrant family members have arrived in the state within the last 48 hours.
How many more invaders must come before the sanctuary city decides that maybe the country needs some borders?


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