Why is Ilia Calderon, a Leftist, Moderating a GOP Debate?

It’s the next debate, and once more, the same patterns are showing up. This time, the RNC promised, things would be different. Democratic debates would no longer be hijacked by leftist moderators. The following Democratic debate will be co-moderated by Stuart Varney and Dana Perino of Fox News Media and Ilia Calderón of UNIVISION, the networks announced on Wednesday. Why on earth is Calderon that? Do Democrats permit debates by traditional journalists to be moderated? Leftist who was nasty and cruel, Lilia Calderon once moderated a Democratic debate. She has criticized Trump and DeSantis on Twitter. Calderon, however, is generally a supporter of unlawful aliens. Here are a few of the inquiries she made of Joe Biden in an earlier interview. You promised to write a check for the families in need of that fiscal assistance, Mr. President. When will they actually get the$ 1,400 check? Do you have any plans to assist illegal immigrants who are not going to receive this relief?
Additionally, some of the illegal immigrants who will not be receiving the relief are important workers. Have you made any preparations for them? During the debate, you can count on her to advocate for unlawful aliens. Calderon is definitely not the correct moderator, despite the fact that I can imagine some in the GOP hoping that Latino voters will help a lot of light residential voters thwart the Democrat drift. She is not just a leftist, but she is also so awake that she accused Latinos of being racist. Calderon’s presence demonstrates that the leadership of the RNC has not changed its previous errors. And the election is in bad shape as a result. Comments with specific keywords will be kept in a moderation queue to prevent spam comments from flooding our comments section in the past. A member of our team will personally approve all comments made by reputable commenters. Please give us up to 24 hours to manually approve your comment if it is marked as” Awaiting Moderation.” Do no re-post the exact comment, please. 

The same patterns continue to emerge in the second debate. The RNC promised it would be different. The RNC promised that there would be no leftist moderators hijacking Republican Debates. Fox News Media’s Stuart Varney, Dana Perino and UNIVISION Ilia Calderon along with Fox News Media’s Stuart Varney will be co-moderators for the second Republican Debate. Do Democrats allow conservative journalists moderate their debates. Ilia Calderon, a spiteful leftist who moderated a Democrat’s debate in the past, is a hateful and spiteful leftist. She has tweeted insults against Trump and DeSantis. But Calderon’s main role is to advocate for illegal immigrants. Here are some questions she asked Joe Biden in a previous interview. You promised to send a check to the families who need financial assistance. When will they receive the $1400 check? Do you have any plans for the undocumented immigrants who will not be receiving this relief?

Do you have any plans for them? You can expect her to promote illegal aliens during the debate. You can expect her to promote the illegal aliens during this debate. I can imagine that some Republicans are hoping to use Latino voters as a way to counteract the Democrat drift of suburban white voters. But Calderon is not the right moderator. Calderon is not only a leftist but also so woke she accused Latinos as racists. Her presence shows the RNC leadership hasn’t learned from past mistakes. This is bad news for the election. To eliminate spam comments, which have historically flooded out comments section, we will hold comments containing certain keywords in a queue of moderation. All comments from legitimate commenters are manually approved by our team. Please allow us up to 24 hour to manually approve any comment that is marked “Awaiting Moderation”. Please do not post the same comment again.


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