Biden is Running Against Himself

Typically, during the primaries, an incumbent president sits up, boasts about accomplishments, and observes as the opposing party rips each other to shreds. The latter part is undoubtedly taking place, but Biden’s accomplishments are also more sham than those of the majority of incumbents, making it impossible for anyone, not even members of his own party, to actually purchase his books. And despite the fact that Biden also faces no significant major opposition, he is spending a ton of money to increase his credibility. Even though there are still 423 days until the election, Biden and a subordinate of his chief super PAC are currently airing TV commercials in almost every significant battleground state — far ahead of schedule. Additionally, the advertisements are attempting to improve Biden’s reputation rather than going on the attack as super PACs typically do.
Biden’s reelection campaign is being supported by Future Forward USA Action, a division of the top super PAC, which is investing more than$ 12 million in an advertising campaign that started on Friday in the largest markets of six significant battleground states. This puts the outside group and the campaign— which has been running its own sustained advertising campaign for a month — on the air before Trump and his allies started making serious advertisements, like for the 2020 election. There are still no genuine social rivals for Biden. On a stack of autobiographies, Newsom has sworn he won’t compete with him. However, the majority of Democrats would adore to see someone— almost anyone— be the candidate. Not yet Carter was almost as unpopular as a candidate. The party leadership has united behind Biden, but the party’s voters also don’t want him, leaving the Dems in an uncomfortable position. Another indication of how poor a candidate Biden is is when an incumbent blows$ 12 million to persuade members of his own party not to desert him. 

Usually, an incumbent president will sit back and watch the other party rip each other apart during the primaries. Biden’s accomplishments, while certainly true, are so phony that no one, not even members of his party, buys Bidenomics. Even though Biden has no serious primary opponent, he is spending a lot of money to boost his credibility. The election is still 423 day away, but Biden and a super PAC affiliate are already running television ads in almost every major battleground state. This is far earlier than usual for a presidential campaign. The ads, instead of attacking, as super-PACs typically do, are meant to boost Biden’s image.
Future Forward USA Action is an arm of the super PAC that supports Biden’s reelection campaign. It has spent more than $12 million in an ad-campaign that began on Friday. The ads will be shown in the largest markets of six key battleground states. This puts the outside group, and the campaign – which is in its first month of its own sustained advertising campaign – on the air before Trump and his allies begin advertising in earnest for 2020 election. Biden still has no real political opponents. Newsom has pledged in a stack autobiographies not to run against him. Most Democrats would love for someone to be the candidate. Carter was not nearly as unpopular. The Dems are now in a difficult situation where the party leadership has united behind Biden but the party voters still do not want him.


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