CANADA: Man Faces Arson Charges From Multiple Wildfires

A 37-year-old man who is reportedly involved in numerous forest fires was detained by Quebec municipal police. According to CBC, Brian Paré is facing two counts of arson for allegedly setting fire to” a fishing cabin on May 31 and to forests in the area between July 8 and Sept. 5″
According to reports, the months-long forest fires happened close to Chibougamau, a town that is located about 700 kilometers northwest of Montreal.
Quebec has apparently been devastated by the fires all summer.
Politicians frequently discuss wildfires, with the exception of when arson accusations are made Toronto Sun https://t.co/olUM2dp2DM
Joe Warmington (@joe_warmington), September 9, 2023
CBC News:
After several weeks of investigation, the SQ’s Major Crimes Unit was able to capture the man.

Pare could face a maximum 14-year prison sentence if convicted. He will remain in police custody until his court appearance on Monday, September 11, according to police.
Early June, Chibougamau residents were forced to leave their homes temporarily due to fires and poor air quality.
The major crimes unit is attempting to determine if the alleged arson is connected to the forced evacuates in June.
Manon Cyr, Chibougamau mayor, says she was relieved to learn of Pare’s arrest.
In an interview with the mayor on Friday, he said that the fires Pare is accused to starting are unrelated to two massive wildfires which forced the evacuation of town in June.
Cyr said, “We’ll wait and see what the court says.” “But the big blazes that forced the evacuation were caused lightning.”
Pare, however, is accused of deliberately igniting fires when the government had temporarily prohibited open-air fires as well as forbidding people from entering forests.
Climate change activists weaponized global fires to justify their green energy agenda.
They’re hesitant to speak out when it’s revealed that arson caused a fire.
It doesn’t seem to fit with their narrative of limiting carbon emissions in order to combat climate change.
Arsonists have already caused horrific fires in the United States of America, Greece, and Spain.
Arson is responsible for the largest wildfire in the history of California
Nearly 80 “Arsonist Scums” Arrested for Fires
Another Island on Fire to be a ‘Smart Island

A man from northern Quebec has been arrested and charged with two counts of arson following a weeks-long manhunt.https://t.co/0BjtTxtxis
The Post-Millennial (@TPostMillennial), September 9, 2023
Toronto Sun adds commentary
In June, plumes of smoke filled the skylines and air of major cities such as New York, Montreal, and Toronto.
Trudeau wrote on June 7 that “Climate change is causing more and more fires.” “These fires affect our daily routines, livelihoods and air quality.” We will continue to work – both at home and with our partners around the globe – on climate change and its impacts.
Quebec police has now charged a 37 year-old man with arson, in connection with “numerous fires that raged earlier this summer in northern Quebec,” according to CBC.
Brian Pare of Chibougamau (700 km north of Montreal) was booked at court on Thursday. He will be held in custody until a bail hearing set for Monday. It will be interesting if he faces the same difficulties in obtaining bail as Tamara Lich had for her alleged mischief related to the Ottawa Freedom convoy.
There is no doubt that world leaders will continue to use arson as a tool to promote climate change.

Climate change is causing more and more fires. These fires affect our daily routines, livelihoods and air quality. We will continue to work – both at home and with our partners around the globe – on tackling climate change and its impacts.
— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) June 7, 2023


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