China’s Hackers Got a List of Every State Dept Email

Unfortunately, this isn’t actually all that noteworthy by the standards of earlier Taiwanese hacks. The PRC obtained targeting information for upcoming attacks in addition to Biden’s Indo-Pacific Summit, a flimsy attempt to counter China. The Senate staffer claimed that the hackers had access to a list of each State Department’s email addresses. Any follow-up hacking efforts aimed at the State Department might benefit from the information from that kind of reconnaissance.
Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the State Department, confirmed that the hackers had accessed roughly 60,000 emails. Strangely, despite the fact that it wasn’t worse, the State Department is attempting to portray this as a victory. The small bar is that China winning with 60,000 emails and a list of every State Department’s email addresses. The staffer claimed that victims’ travel plans and political discussions were among the most private information stolen. Additionally, according to Fletcher, the hack allowed for the viewing of 10 Social Security numbers. What is our response, then? investing more in security while giving China more space to launch more assaults. Comments with specific keywords will be put in a moderation queue to stop spam comments from flooding our comments section in the past. A member of our team will personally approve all comments made by reputable commenters. Please give us up to 24 hours to manually approve your comment if it is marked as” Awaiting Moderation.” Do no re-post the exact comment, please. 

Unfortunately, this hack is not that noteworthy by the standards of previous Chinese hacks. The PRC targeted Biden’s Indo-Pacific Summit as a placeholder pretense to counter China, but also got information on future attacks. According to the Senate staffer, hackers were able to access every State Department email account. This kind of reconnaissance information could be useful for any subsequent hacking attempts aimed at the State Department.
The State Department is trying, bizarrely, to spin this as a victory because it wasn’t worse. The low bar is that China leaving with 60,000 emails, and a list containing every State Department email, is a victory for our side. Among the most sensitive data stolen were victims’ travel plans and diplomatic decisions. Fletcher said that ten Social Security numbers could have been viewed or viewed by the hack. What’s our response to this? To eliminate spam comments, which have historically flooded the comments section of our website, comments containing specific keywords will be held up in a queue for moderation. All comments from legitimate commenters are manually approved by our team. Please allow us up to 24 hour to manually approve any comment that is marked “Awaiting Moderation”. Please do not post the same comment again.


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