Here’s Why Megyn Kelly Now Regrets Getting COVID Shot

Many Americans were initially wary, but after evidence revealed that COVID-19 shots weren’t powerful and might even be harmful, a growing number of people completely abandoned the so-called vaccines. Also Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News Channel host who vociferously supported the jabs in 2021, now acknowledges that she shouldn’t have received hers. She just made the assumption that she is paying the price for that error by taking a significant toll on her health. Kelly, 52, has much been vocal about her opposition to children’s vaccination requirements, but she decided it would be best to get the shot herself, according to the Daily Wire. When she tested positive for an inflammatory condition at her yearly physical, the liberal commentator said on Wednesday that she realized it was a mistake to get the COVID shots after speaking with her doctor. Even though I am 52 years older, I regret getting the vaccine because I don’t believe I needed it, Kelly said. I believe everything would have gone smoothly. I’ve had COVID numerous times, and each time the vaccine was working as it should, it was already too late. Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that I received the damned booster and then developed COVID within three weeks? I asked the top rheumatologist in New York. She then replied” yes.” Yes, Kelly continued. Some social media users praised Megyn Kelly for her comments, saying,” I wasn’t the only one she’d seen that with.” She is, in some ways, a more interesting person now than she was at the height of her success.
Humility enables us to admit our mistakes and, more importantly, to tell the truth to ourselves. It’s refreshing to see this from @ megynkelly on September 7, 2023, Marla Hohner (@ marlahohner ). These kinds of videos cause everyone to start doubting the exploratory photos they took by opening the flood gates. The Vigilant Fox(@ VigilantFox ) September 6, 2023 Many people still don’t think they’ve been misled. The jabs flare # autoimmune conditions, in my case my low # thyroid, which had been very good for 7 years, then boom after the # Astrazeneca PV46671( which tried to kill me ). Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Biden administration can’t help but push for another round of American elections, according to Chester Tam (@ islantstudio ) on September 7, 2023. Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, recently urged people to go outside and get another shot, saying with a flat face that it is the best way to prevent the virus. According to the Washington Examiner, the news cycle has been dominated by reports of an increase in COVID-19 cases, and it appears that the Biden administration has not benefited from the pandemic. Take a look at some subsequent remarks made by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, for instance. She made a remark about the dependability of COVID-19 vaccines recently. We are aware of the effectiveness of these vaccines, correct? Pierre – Jean said. The adage” We know when people stay current with their vaccine works” is untrue, though. Despite the extensive body of evidence to the contrary, including declarations from authorities like Dr. Deborah Birx, the vaccines were” overplayed.” Keep in mind Birx’s remarks from August 2022. Birx stated,” I knew these vaccines were never going to protect against infection ,” in an interview with Neil Cavuto on Your World. And I believe we overused the vaccines, which caused people to worry that they wouldn’t be able to prevent serious illness and hospitalization. It will. To be clear, though, 50 % of those who perished from the omicron surge were older and had received vaccinations. She tried to reassure reporters that Joe Biden’s coughing fit after his wife tested positive for COVID-19 was actually not a big deal when she announced the most recent version of the” vaccine.” Here is a video: 

Many Americans were skeptical at first, but as evidence showed that COVID-19 injections weren’t effective, and could even be harmful, a growing amount of people have sworn off the so-called vaccinations. Even former Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelley, who was vocally in favor of the jabs in 2021 admits that she should not have gotten it. She speculated recently that her health is suffering as a result of this mistake. Kelly, 52, is known for her outspoken opposition to vaccination requirements for children. However, she decided to take the shot herself. The conservative commentator admitted Wednesday that it was a mistake for her to get the COVID vaccines after speaking to her doctor about her positive autoimmune test at her annual physical. Kelly said, “I regret getting this vaccine even though I’m 52 years old because I didn’t need it.” “I would have been fine,” Kelly said. I’ve had COVID several times, and the vaccine was no longer doing its job. Kelly continued, “She said yes. Yes.” “I wasn’t only one that she had seen this with.” Her remarks were praised by a number social media users. Humility helps us admit our mistakes & tell the truth. Marla Hohner, (@marlahohner), September 7, 2023 It’s refreshing to see this from Megyn Kelly. These videos are what cause people to question the experimental shots that they took. The Vigilant Fox @VigilantFox September 6, 2023 My Endocrinologist told me the same thing – jabs can cause #autoimmune conditions. In my case, my low #thyroid was very good for seven years and then boom after I took #Astrazeneca’s PV46671. jules serkin @julesserkin September 7, 2023 Many people still don’t believe they were lied to. Chester Tam (@islantstudio), September 7, 2023 The Biden administration cannot help but push Americans to get another round of vaccinations despite all the evidence that proves the opposite. Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, recently urged Americans to get another round of shots. She claimed with a straight-face that this was an effective way to prevent the virus. Washington Examiner: The news cycle has been dominated by reports of increased COVID-19 infections. It appears that the Biden administration is not learning from this pandemic. Take, for example, the recent comments made by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She commented on the reliability of COVID-19 during a recent press briefing. Jean-Pierre replied, “We know these vaccines are effective, right?” We know that people who keep up with their vaccines are more likely to be healthy. The vaccines were “overplayed” despite the fact that there is a long list of evidence proving the opposite, including the admissions by officials like Dr. Deborah Birx. Birx stated in an interview with Neil Cavuto: “I knew that these vaccines would not protect against infection.” “I think we overplayed vaccines and that made people worry about whether they would protect them against severe diseases and hospitalization. It will. Let’s be clear: 50% of those who died in the omicron wave were older and vaccinated.” She praised the latest version of “vaccine” again after trying to assure journalists that Joe Biden’s coughing spell following his wife’s positive COVID-19 test was no big deal. Here’s a video:


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