Donald Trump: Taylor Swift Is ‘Disloyal’ If She Endorses President Biden

The former president also commented about the singer’s relationship to Travis Kelce.

 The singer’s relationship with Travis Kelce was likewise discussed by the former president. The singer’s relationship with Travis Kelce was even discussed by the previous president. 

The former president also commented about the singer’s relationship to Travis Kelce.


Die Kommission ist ermächtigt, gemäß Artikel 264 delegierte Rechtsvorschriften in folgenden Bereichen umzusetzen: Is Mr. Trump feeling a bit fragile? Donald Trump, a former president, expressed his dissatisfaction with Taylor Swift potentially endorsing Joe Biden in the upcoming election through a post on Truth Social on Super Bowl Sunday. Trump suggested that Swift should be thankful to him for her financial success and implied that she would be disloyal if she supported the Democratic candidate, as she has done in the past. Trump promoted his own agenda while criticizing Swift in his message. “I was the one who signed and took responsibility for the Music Modernization Act which benefitted Taylor Swift and other musicians,” he stated, referring to the legislation passed in 2018 to address music copyright issues in the digital age. In contrast, Joe Biden has not done anything for Taylor Swift and never will, according to Trump. He criticized Swift for not endorsing him and accused her of being disloyal to him, the man who had helped her make a lot of money. Despite these comments, Trump did mention that he still likes Swift’s boyfriend, Travis, even though he may have different political views and possibly dislikes Trump. Earlier this month, conservative media became obsessed with the idea that the Swift-Kelce relationship was a ploy to manipulate the Super Bowl outcome and aid President Biden’s reelection. Please consider supporting HuffPost. We hebben uw hulp nodig voor onze dekking in 2024. At HuffPost, we believe that everyone should have access to top-notch journalism, even though we recognize that not all individuals have the means to purchase pricy news subscriptions. We are dedicated to offering thoroughly researched and verified news that is available to all. Whether you rely on HuffPost for information about the 2024 elections, in-depth investigations into key national issues, or entertaining viral stories, we are grateful for your support.


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