Southwest Boeing Flight Came Within A Few Hundred Feet Of Crashing Into Ocean, Internal Memo Reportedly Says

[[{“value”:”A Southwest Airlines corporate flight came within 400 feet of crashing into the ocean near Hawaii, according to an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg.
According to the report, the pilots had to avoid landing due to bad weather.
According to a memo Southwest distributed to pilots last week that was seen by Bloomberg News, the Boeing Co. 737 Max 8 jet briefly dropped at an excessively high rate of more than 4, 000 feet per minute before the flight crew pulled up to avoid disaster, according to the memo.
” No one was injured on the flight, which properly returned to its departure airport in Honolulu”, the outlet added.
Southwest Boeing 737 Max Came Within 400 Feet From Crashing In Ocean Near Hawaii https ://t.co/aWjwkocLr5
— zerohedge ( @zerohedge ) June 14, 2024
The U. S. Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) is investigating the incident.
After an aborted landing attempt due to bad weather, a Southwest Airlines 737 MAX comes within 400 feet of crashing into the ocean off the Hawaiian coast. pic. twitter.com/Q1MI0o2oE3
— Breaking Aviation News &amp, Videos ( @aviationbrk ) June 14, 2024
Per Bloomberg:
The earlier unidentified mishap is just one more safety incident in a string that has caught the attention of the public as airlines have increased their flights since the pandemic. Additionally, it comes as Southwest management is increasingly under pressure from activist firm Elliott Investment Management and other investors because of the company’s lax economic performance and isolationist organizational culture.
Nothing is more critical to Southwest than safety, the airline stated in an emailed statement regarding the Hawaii flight. The event was appropriately addressed through our solid Safety Management System, which we use to continuously improve.
Southwest Flight 2786 dropped from an altitude of about 1, 000 feet to 400 feet above the ocean in just a few seconds, according to data from ADS- B Exchange, a flight tracking website. The plane, which was near Lihue Airport on the island of Kauai, then began a quick climb.
Southwest Airlines flight plunged to within 400 feet of ocean off Hawaii:’ Like a roller coaster ride ‘ https ://t.co/NWpnVUv5f0 pic. twitter.com/uQxKvxd2oh
— New York Post ( @nypost ) June 14, 2024
Former commercial airline pilot and flight instructor Kit Darby claimed the pilot was “pitching off and pitching down with the power and very close to out of control — quite close.”
He claimed in an interview that it “would feel like a roller coaster ride.”
. Two new terrifying midair incidents, one caused by a Southwest jet coming nearer to crashing into the ocean off of Hawaii, and another caused by an uncontrollable roll, are reported by Tom Costellonbc. pic. twitter.com/FSGL3RnflK
— NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt ( @NBCNightlyNews ) June 14, 2024
From the New York Post:
The plane had flown quickly to Lihue Airport after departing from Honolulu. Given the flight time, the captain put the “newer” second officer in command, according to the memo.
Due to weather conditions, the pilot decided to abort the landing as the aircraft approached the airport.
The second officer “inadvertently” pushed ahead on the controls while monitoring the thrust level which moves based on the plane’s automatic throttle, the memo said.
The pilot reduced the speed to compensate for the airplane’s rapid descent and sounded alarms as a result.
The captain ordered the second officer to increase thrust, causing the plane to “aggressively” climb at 8, 500 feet per minute, the memo said.
The plane carefully made its way back to Honolulu.
Darby told Bloomberg that flights descend steadily at about 1, 500 to 2, 000 feet per minute as they approach their destination, reaching 800 feet again within five miles of the airport.”}]] [[{“value”:”

Bloomberg obtained an internal memo indicating that a Southwest Airlines commercial plane was just 400 feet away from crashing into the ocean off Hawaii.
The outlet reported that weather conditions forced pilots to abandon an attempt at landing.
Bloomberg News reported that “the Boeing Co. 737 Max 8 briefly dropped at a rate of more than 4,000 ft per minute before the crew pulled up to prevent disaster,” according to a memo Southwest sent to pilots in the past week.
The outlet said that “no one was injured during the flight. It safely returned to the departure airport in Honolulu.”

Southwest Boeing 737 Max Came Within 400 Feet From Crashing In Ocean Near Hawaii https://t.co/aWjwkocLr5
— zerohedge (@zerohedge) June 14, 2024

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

Southwest Airlines 737 MAX is 400 feet away from crashing into the ocean after an aborted attempt to land due to bad weather. pic.twitter.com/Q1MI0o2oE3
— Breaking Aviation News & Videos (@aviationbrk) June 14, 2024

The incident, which was not reported before, is part of a series of safety incidents that have attracted the public’s interest as airlines have increased their flights since the pandemic. Southwest Management is also under increasing pressure from Elliott Investment Management, an activist firm, and other investors who are frustrated with the company’s poor financial performance and insular culture.
Southwest Airlines said in an email that safety was its top priority. “Through our robust Safety Management System the event was addressed in a timely manner as we strive to continuously improve.”
Southwest Flight 2786 dropped in a matter of seconds from an altitude around 1,000 feet to 400 foot above the ocean, according to ADS-B Exchange. The plane, which was located near Lihue Airport, on the island Kauai began a rapid ascent.

Southwest Airlines flight plunged to within 400 feet of ocean off Hawaii: ‘Like a roller coaster ride’ https://t.co/NWpnVUv5f0 pic.twitter.com/uQxKvxd2oh
— New York Post (@nypost) June 14, 2024

Kit Darby, former commercial airline pilot, flight instructor and author, told the outlet that the pilot was “pitching down and pitching up with the power, and very close to being out of control – very close.”
In an interview, he said that it would “feel like a rollercoaster ride.”

. @tomcostellonbc reports two recent terrifying midair incidents: A Southwest jet that was close to slamming directly into the ocean off Hawaii and another that went into an uncontrolled rolling. pic.twitter.com/FSGL3RnflK
— NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt (@NBCNightlyNews), June 14, 2024

The New York Post
The plane had left Honolulu and was on a short flight from there to Lihue Airport. According to the memo, given the flight time, Captain put the “newer’ first officer in charge.
The pilot decided to abort landing as the plane approached airport because the weather conditions blocked the runway view.
The memo stated that the first officer “inadvertently pushed forward” on the controls when monitoring the thrust level, which moves based upon the automatic throttle of the plane.
The pilot reduced the speed to compensate for the rapid descent of the aircraft and sounded the alarms.
The memo stated that the captain had ordered the first officer, who was the pilot, to increase thrust. This caused the plane to “aggressively climb” at 8,500 feet per hour.
The plane returned safely to Honolulu.
Darby told Bloomberg flights descend at a rate of 1,500 to 2,000 foot per minute as they near their destination. Once within five miles, the planes reach 800 feet.


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